Looking for Plywoods in Goa, Plywood Shops in Goa than you are at right place. We have got multiple products of different brands. We are one of the Best Plywood Dealers in Goa. We always update our site on regular basis. We Have got Plywoods, laminates, Charcole Products, Veneers, Various Interior products, etc

Products List

  1. Laminates
  2. Doors
  3. Interior Products
  4. Plywoods
  5. Charcole Sheets
  6. Veneers


We have got laminates in Multiple brands like Greenlam, centurylam, Virgo, silicon,airolam,bellano,nirolam,real touch, Royal touch, heritage, galaxy, Merino.

Charcole Sheets


Plywoods we have got great variety in good range. We have different brands for plywoods like Wuudply, Red premium and for project greenply.

Interior Products

We got Interior Products like Wall panels,celling, flooring,cliding, decking, partitions panels and various exterior products.


We do keep Doors in different brands like Pinewood Doors, Teakwood Doors, designer doors, bathroom doors, safety doors.

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Shop 8-9, Kamat Building, Malbhat, Margao,  Goa,

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